Green Jobs for Haiti

Creating Sustainable Energy For Haiti

Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime

Our Mission

Our mission is to make Haiti self-sustainable by creating jobs that are in the oil, composting, irrigation and animal feed industry.


Local Processing Jobs

1.7 mill.

Acres of land

Jatropha Production 

With an estimated 1.7 million acres of land ready for the planting of this bioenergy crop, we realistically could be looking at several million jobs

Jatropha Processing

Buy the plant from growers and carry them onto sophisticated and expensive machinery on ships and move them around Haiti to meet the demand for processing as a mobile fleet of ships.

Jatropha Handling

Another 1,000 local jobs or so seem possible to dry the fruit and remove the oil-rich seeds from the plant.


With 1.7 million acres of land available, we could create millions of jobs in land management, crop cultivation, and transportation, benefiting Haiti's 10 million population. GHFH's mission is to leverage unused land, utilizing homeless labor, and providing incentives and support. This will not only supply Haiti's energy market but also position the country as a regional economic force.

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Our Team

Mr. Brooks brings his MBA and passion for the efficacy of renewable energy to the collection of opportunities in Haiti.

Glenn Brooks


Mr. Thinn, our Director and Chief Technology Officer (BSEE), excels in applied physical sciences, especially industrial-scale power dynamics. He's also multilingual, speaking French, Norwegian, and Russian, which is valuable for his work in Haiti.

Joseph Thinn

Chief Technology Officer

Mrs. Seu brings a truck load of power to GJFH.

Sheri Seu


Mrs. Thinn served in executive banking positions in Russia that couple her law background.

Nadya Thinn


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